“Update your CV when you get a minute”, says another Recruiter

Can we agree on a few things first?

It takes ages, not a minute

  1. An old CV needs more than a new paragraph adding  at the top
  2. In light of the ‘no win no fee’ business model, why doesn’t the Recruiter produce a polished and eye-catching CV?

I believe a good CV should say much more about the person than the words on the page, and as such the CV is much greater than the sum of its parts.

We all know that that fist impresssions couwnt and that typing and grammatical errors need to be addressed, but I think Recruiters submitting CV’s to clients, (and applicants submitting CV’s to agencies) could be doing more to get their CV’s noticed.

According to Monster  your CV should be two pages, and only on special cases should it be three. Really? 

The University of Oxford has very traditional views on how a CV should look, but I think you need to do much more to get noticed in today’s world.

Surely when it comes to CV’s, less is more these days and adding a little personality is a good thing?

My thought for the applicant;

  1. Before searching Google for ‘CV Templates’, search for a decent Recruiter with the skills and tools required to do the job – all of it.

My thoughts for the Recruiter;

  1. Great Recruitment technology doesn’t just add the CV to the database, it can increase your chance of earning the fee.  Ensure your software partner is helping and not hindering your chances when it comes to CV builders

Click here to see an example one page CV