I talk to Recruiters day in day out. Occasionally, it’s the best job in the world.

Mostly I’m on the phone playing the numbers game and my numbers are pretty simple.

52% of outbound calls get connected and answered by a human. The others typically result in either ‘They’re in a Meeting’ or ‘Not in the office – left message’.

Therefore my CRM logs the time, date, number I called, adds a follow-up for 48 hours, sends a snazzy email template to the recipient, with tracking and I’m onto the next in less than 10 seconds.… It’s not rocket science, but it’s fast and easy.

That said I’m thinking about logging the following as templates because it happens all the time!

  • ‘Receptionist couldn’t be bothered to ask who I was or why I was calling’.
  • ‘Receptionist said they were in a meeting without asking who I was calling for’
  • ‘Receptionist could barely be bothered to speak his/her name and stop chewing’
  • ‘Receptionist was eating food’

I thought Recruitment was all about teamwork, sharing data, passing leads, helping each other out and offering good service and answering the phone with a smile on your face?

Is your Agency lacking the basic tools to facilitate a professional service?