I feel agencies need to do more than search job-boards for CV’s in today's market, and more often than not the best candidates are employed, well looked after and head-hunted for their next roles.

When I’m approached for new roles I’m happy to talk, but typing up a CV for something I’ve been headhunted for isn’t something I really feel the need to do - unless it's the golden goose.

"When fired, and desperate for a job, I’ll type up my CV in a flash! " (and spam my CV to every fake job the internet has to offer)

Decent recruitment software can turn Linkedin profiles into formatted CVs in seconds, pulling contact from the candidate records, eg salary, key skills and summaries – it shouldn’t be a problem for you. I think that in today’s market asking a candidate who you’re already talking to for a CV is potentially just putting up a barrier to move things forward.