Anyone that’s tried to make a go of anything bloggy or social knows that only one thing counts. Content.  

Content is King. FULL STOP.

If you’ve got nothing to say, you’re better off saying nothing - it seems my Dad was right all along!

If you do have something to say – say it, someone might find it interesting.  

Even if it’s vaguely of interest, someone somewhere might like it, and who knows even share it and you’ll get that ‘Like High’ that we all crave, but that alone doesn’t make them a lead. Let me explain why:

  1. A lead is much more than a ‘like’ or ‘share.'
  2. A lead is someone you can help with your product or service.
  3. A lead is someone you’ve got something to offer, that they value.
  4. A lead is someone you’ll expect to sell to, soon, maybe this month or next.

A lead is not someone liking your post about GDPR (unless they download the White Paper you’ve written for them)

A lead is not someone who ‘Liked’ your only Recruitment Joke…..

Most Recruiters are wasting more time than they're gaining by surfing the tidal wave of online content - it’s the best excuse to avoid doing work.

I’ve even heard people dress it up as ‘doing research’, before making a call…. Yet a decent Recruitment CRM will do this for you anyway….

We all love it when someone ‘likes’ an article or post, but are you really getting a good return on your time?  

Talk and Smile More Instead?

In my opinion, a share or like in the online world is just the equivalent of a ‘smile’, in the real world.

If someone smiles at you, it’s your chance to say hello. So why not look up once in a while, maybe call the people you already know?

A 'smile' (or a like) is really just the chance to engage, and that seems to be the challenge many Recruiters face.

Life isn't about 'pouty' profile photos and getting likes, it's about living in the real world and making the most of the assets and contacts you already have.

Try phoning the people you already know on your CRM.

I think people need to take a break from chasing the next endorphin hit from a post being liked, and instead focus on the contacts they’ve already got.

Please share and like if you agree….

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