Some have suggested that being passionate about recruitment technology must mean we’re stuck behind ours desks beavering away on our latest gadgetry day and night, but that’s not always the case at Voyager Software.  

Sure, we clock up some serious desk time, but we love nothing more than to turn that desk time into face time! You just can’t beat meeting recruiters in the flesh and showing them our vision of the future, and how we can make their lives better – it’s hugely rewarding.

So, please join us at the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham on 4th and 5th October.

We’ll be sharing our latest news, features and products to customers and prospects alike and we’ll be making some exciting announcements with regards to the future and GDPR.

You'll also get free access to our very own certified GDPR Practitioner Paul Mather - and take the GDPR test!

Come join us - you've nothing to lose - except maybe some desk time...