ISV and Voyager Software are pleased to be able to announce the first of their new suite of GDPR tools delivered through the ISV Online platform. 

The 2 tests, both a quick assessment and more a comprehensive one, of 20 and 40 random questions respectively from a bank of 60, will test recipient’s knowledge of the GDPR. 

Using the unique results capabilities of ISV Online you will be able to see not only how well the individuals performed but also drill into those results and see which disciplines of the GDPR they are proficient, or not, in and how well they stack up proportionally against other results sets.

These first tests are suitable for individuals who have a good grounding in the GDPR and could be used as a stepping stone to assess areas of knowledge for the EU-GDPR-F (foundation) examination.

We’ll later be releasing additional training and testing content to assist clients with their obligations under the GDPR to ensure data privacy by design and default. This will enable clients to not only train staff appropriately for their role in the GDPR and general information security but then test that understanding and track it for continuous development.