It's been a great morning so far at the Recruitment Agency Expo. 

Managing Director of ISV Software, Amanda Davies just delivered her seminar '5 Coaching Skills to Make you a Better Recruitment Leader' and there was hardly a spare seat in the house! 

In true ISV style, Amandadelivered an excellent session, which certainly highlighted a few essential tips that I hadn't even thought of before.

The five main topics were: 

1. Levels of Listening 

2. Powerful Questions

3. Being v Doing, Doing, Doing

4. Championing

5. The Challenge 

Amanda projects such positivity in her sessions that I left the seminar feeling enlightened. A couple of my favourite extracts from Amanda's session, are ones which will stay with me: 

"Channel your role model today"!

And remind yourself everyday that..."It's OK to be awesome!"

Thanks Amanda, you've just made my day even brighter! 

If you missed the seminar and would like a copy of the slides, then please contact Amanda at