I believe that Recruitment is a Sales and Service led operation.

Sales is hard.

Sales is so hard that people earn commission, just for doing their job.

So if you’re already in Recruitment and you’re expecting a blank month – what went wrong?

I’d propose that if you don’t know, you’ve got a much bigger problem than you think.

As a Recruitment Super-Fan waving from the sidelines, I've noticed that the best Recruitment teams have one thing in common.

Total clarity on their time!

In recruitment every second counts – because every second has a cost!

  1. Super-Recruiters know how many business development calls they need to make.
  2. Super-Recruiters know how many CV’s they need to send to their clients.
  3. Super-Recruiters know their CV to Interview conversation ratio.
  4. Super-Recruiters know which job-boards work for them.
  5. Super-Recruiters know the true cost of each applicant that makes it to interview.

Basically, Super-Recruiters know what they did yesterday, and what they’re doing tomorrow. They know what they're doing with their time, and what brings in the results.

OK, so let’s break it down.

There are just 261 work days in a year.

After holiday and the occasional duvet day that's just 1,700 hours to hit your annual target!

Still don’t know what went wrong??

You ran out of time.

Learn how to maximise your Recruiting time.

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