Paul Thompson, sales director, Voyager Software.

There has been much recruitment hype over Artificial Intelligence, but I’d like to highlight it doesn’t actually have to be that ‘intelligent’ in order to offer significant benefits to the recruiter, or applicant for that matter.

Just as Google is trusted to show the best, freshest, most appropriate matches to your web searches - whilst displaying them in one simple screen, some CRM’s can now offer the same.

A decent CRM or ATS can already intelligently prioritise the closest, most available, most active, most engaging candidate with the best skills and strongest pedigree, and in the very near future we’ll see that insight extended, by plugging into the candidates very own vacancy/agency management app.

Via the app, and in real-time, applicants will be able to review client profiles and their vacancies along with the recruiter profiles that represent them.

Candidates will love being able to ‘thumbs up’ an interest in a range of hand selected vacancies in seconds. In return, Recruiters will be gifted additional insights into their candidates, such as the applicant’s actual location, conduct a video interview, review their references, booking history, availability and compliance information. Adding instant messaging between the recruiter CRM and the candidate app will offer huge efficiencies, with ‘killer questions’ delivered in real-time via integrated instant messaging.

Some of the industries very best recruitment software talent are working on these features right now.

At Voyager, we predict in the very near future a sea of ‘Recruiting Ninja’s’ managing their candidates on a much more honest and transparent platform, and nurturing much closer and more honest relationships with them. The freshness and transparency of that data will once again see clients turning to their trusted Recruitment partners to represent them.

What will be the next significant change for recruitment technology? A platform will soon exist which levels the playing field between the candidate, the client and recruiter, which in turn we believe will allow recruiters to professionalise the industry, at least for those who take recruitment seriously.

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