Isn’t it a shame that in today’s world the ‘grumbles and negativity’ spread so much faster and further than recruiter recommendations, positive news, achievements’ and some of the life changing events they facilitate?

Spend five minutes online, especially on LinkedIn, and you’ll find a seemingly unfair smattering of ‘Recruiter bashing’ going on.

Typically comments range from a lack of returned calls, (OK, so who’s not guilty of that) questionable Recruiter ethics and issues regarding old or ‘fake jobs’.  My point is not that occasionally there are issues, but what about the thousands of vacancies UK Recruiters fill each day? What about the positive impact Recruiters are having on the world and people's lives?

I think it’s worth pointing out that recruitment is pretty tough these days. More to the point, doing it well requires many skills, skills that most mere mortals don't have.

At the very least, being a good Recruiter requires:

  • Patience
  • Tenacity
  • Drive
  • Passion
  • Empathy
  • Vision
  • Foresight
  • A positive mind
  • Potentially long hours
  • A desire to want to help
  • Amazing admin skills
  • Great ethics

....I could go on…  

The fact is - Recruitment is tough!

The fact is - Recruiters deserves a little respect!

The fact is - Many Recruiters do a great job!

And that got me thinking:

"Why don't Recruiters do much more to raise awareness of how they impact on people's lives?" Let me tell you about my first proper recruitment encounter.

I registered with an agency – Thames Valley Personnel in Wokingham, sadly no longer trading. I met the MD Paula. Paula was really nice.

Paula was also honest.  Honest enough to tell me they would not be able to help me - it was not the response I expected!!

That said, she then went on to say that she did have a friend that she thought might have something of interest, and so she pointed me in the direction of their company.

That person Geoff Warburton - who ultimately gave me a job - this job, at

That was 19 years ago!

I’ll never forget Paula and what she did for me, and she never even got a fee.

In my experience, people like Paula are not rare in recruitment, I’ve met hundreds like her over the years but rarely do you see those stories online.  

It made me wonder why?

Why is it that Recruiters so rarely promote what they achieve online?

Why don't Recruiters talk more about the positive impact they've had on candidates and their families??

If you’re like Paula and are one of the great Recruiters, why not get your candidates, clients or colleagues to write a few words and stick it on your website.

Don't be scared to show you're a human. Don't hide behind the corporate badge. It's not the Agency I remember, it's the Recruiter.

p.s. Was great to see this one in the photo - I'd love to see more like it!!