Watching a start-up flourish or a struggling agency adopt new technology intelligently and see the results of their strategy bear fruit, is truly rewarding. 

I think we can all agree that life is better when it’s less of a struggle!

I’ve had the privilege of attending numerous ‘strategy meetings’ with prospects and future clients, and it's always insightful. It’s interesting to note who the owners invite from their team, and it’s never a surprise when the non-management staff offer the best ideas and sharpest vision for their future.

I've seen many MD's speechless in such meetings...

OK, so don't drop your coffee, but here's a crazy thought:

Exclude management at the first strategy meeting,... there i said it.

Strategy and Vision are not exclusive to Management teams, despite what you might have been told.

(I can assure you that it's almost always the recruiters that leave and set-up their own Agency with a dream of doing it better - not the MD's)

That said when reviewing Recruitment Technology and defining requirements I’ve always found that those recruitment businesses that are inclusive and collaborative in their technology discussions and embrace the passion, suggestions and insights of their staff perform best in today’s uber competitive Recruitment world. 

I’ve also found that the recruiter with the hands-on experience, the contacts, the relationships and vision for a better future often makes tomorrow's recruitment leaders, and they’re one I like doing business with most at Voyager Software.

When strategising your future consider that it's the recruiter that's likely to be feeling the most software pain. Maybe the resourcers know the best sources of information, and the receptionist understands the issues with the booking and registration processes?

It's a pleasure knowing some of the best recruitment visionaries the market has to offer, but a word of caution for your next strategy meeting:

"Be careful not to tread on the flowers when focusing on the horizon.”