Following the recent release of our latest edition of the GDPR Webinar Series, we're pleased to announce that Part 4 is now available to download.

If you missed this interactive webinar or you would like a refresher on the topics discussed, you can view the full recording and download the slides here

In Part 4, we discussed the topic of compliance and the important issues surrounding this subject.

Topics Discussed:

  • With a ticking clock what needs to be done?
  • Privacy and compliance frameworks.
  • Adopting the GDPR means a culture shift.
  • Unlawful data - how do you identify it and what can you do about it.
  • The 'compliancy trap.'
  • Updates on the various materials we have that can help you and how our products will be changing to better help you deal with the new regulation.


Meet the Presenter

Meet Paul Mather

Paul Mather, EU-GDPR-P, EU-GDPR-F

Paul is a registered GDPR Practitioner and a Director of Operations with Dillistone Group PLC, serving thousands of corporate and recruitment clients worldwide.

Voyager Software is a subsidiary of Dillistone Group PLC.