A great post from Jeanette Robinson I just had to add my comments, see below.

"Jeanette Robinson - So - today we got an offer on a candidate, who wanted £30k and we had stated this quite clearly on her CV and told the employer early in the process that this is what she wanted. The employer came back with an offer of £26000, £500 less than she is currently on. Can I just say to anyone recruiting out there that if you make an offer less than the candidate wants and particularly if it's less than they are currently on, you are wasting everyone's valuable time!"

Voyagers Paul Thompson - offered his response.

It's a tough one isn't it.  

I totally get (and remember) the frustrations of the 'no win no fee' business model that many recruiters operate.  

There are so many variables when hiring people today, it’s a tough game for sure!

Personally, I believe that the more honesty, clarity and ‘expectation setting’ that can be given during the recruitment process the better for those involved.

I wonder, how often employers know the lengths at which a recruiter has gone to find an applicant in the first place?

I wonder, if recruiters would ever be brave enough to say – “This is the only applicant I can find – and she’s overpriced.”

If the employer thinks there are ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ and the fish thinks they’re one of a kind, there are likely to be problems.

It’s all about honesty, clarity and setting expectations.

Personally, when being head-hunted I tell the Recruiter what I’d expect to earn for doing the job.

For the dream job, I’d work for shirt buttons!! (If the wife, kids, dog, mortgage allowed that)!

A great post from Jeanette Robinson from Cavill Robinson Financial Recruitment,..