In the world of 'Temp Recruitment' nothing can be more demanding than a client...

...Except maybe the temp.

...Or the compliance.

...Or maybe the plethora of excel sheets, phones, paper and systems to manage.

In the world of 'Temp Recruitment' everything is demanding….

Here at Voyager Software we LOVE Temp Recruiters, they’re often the hungriest, most passionate and innovative Recruiters the market has to offer.

They literally help make the world go round, and we love them for it!

The shift manager at Tesco isn’t going to give you a second chance if their lorry has no driver. The site manager at Skanska Construction needs people to dig holes today, not tomorrow, and the headmaster needs a supply teacher today, not tonight.

Simply put, with temp recruiting there is no second chance, no time to ponder and the pressure is on to get it right first time, every time.

Here at Voyager, we really think Temp Recruiters deserve a little innovation to help them maximise their efforts and make use of the investments already made in their best asset – their temps.

At Voyager we’ve worked with some of the best temporary recruitment agencies the market has to offer and we’ve now addressed one of the most challenging problems they face with a unique, innovative and exclusive Voyager companion APP.

TempNinja is exclusive for Voyager customers.

A companion APP that automatically plugs into your CRM that allows you to interact with your temps in a way never experienced before.

We believe that temp recruitment is a ‘contact sport' – hone your skills and become a Temp Ninja today.

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TempNinja is a candidate engagement app designed for recruiters looking to manage availability, compliance and on-boarding, in order to help offer their clients the best, most compliant and appropriate temp labour. is a Voyager Software product.