Shift planning and employee engagement

Recruiters could learn a thing or two from Nando’s!

Who doesn't love Nando's right?

Have you ever been? I'd certainly recommend them!

Nando's do lots of things well, it's not just chicken they're good at preparing, it's their staff too.  Get yourself a job at Nando’s and they’ll give you the Nandocker app as part of your welcome meeting.  An app that allows the worker to review their shifts, message the shift manager, plan and manage their week, plus much more.  'Employee engagement' is stated as one of the secrets to their success and so why is it that temp recruitment agencies, with all the shifts and bookings they have, so rarely offer their best temps a similar engagement app?

At Voyager we acknowledge that temp recruitment can be manic.  We also recognise that it can be extremely labour intensive and time consuming to manage a high number of temps in a market where all things are moving in different directions, but if you don't adapt to today's Gig Economy, the chances are your competition will.

”If nothing changes, nothing changes…” 

Don't you love your temps like Nando’s love their employees?

If you too believe that the best temps demand your best attention, the best jobs and the best levels of service and compliance - take a look at from 

We believe that temp recruitment is a ‘contact’ sport – hone your skills and become a Temp Ninja today. is a candidate engagement app designed for recruiters looking to manage availability, compliance, onboarding and offer their clients the best, most compliant and appropriate temp labour. is a Voyager Software product.