With Voyager at the heart of your business, you’re already in a strong place to centralise relationships, compliance, sales, marketing, reporting and now – introduce the Gig Economy.

What is the Gig Economy?

It is predicted that by 2020 up to 40% of workers will be independent contractors.

With the global shift in employment contracts, and how people are put out to work, recruitment teams need to compete, manage and engage with workers on a different playing field – theirs!

Temp Ninja is the answer.

An uber-easy-to-use candidate engagement app that can be fully branded to need your requirements and suit your workforce.

Become a Recruiting Ninja!

  • Looking for satisfied candidates and clients?
  • Looking to build increased worker loyalty?
  • Want to get the best temps first?
  • Want to chat instantly with your Temp Ninja workers and beat the competition?
  • Want to save on calls and texts?
  • Want to search real-time availability of your Temp Ninja workers’ availability instantly?

Temp Ninja is a candidate engagement app designed for recruiters looking to manage availability, compliance, onboarding and offer their clients the best, most compliant and appropriate temp labour.

www.TempNinja.com is a Voyager Software product.

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