Few can ignore the might of Facebook and so it was only ever a matter of time before they entered the job market.

Originally launched in the US and Canada, Facebook Jobs has now been rolled out to over 40 countries, the UK being one and it’s fair to say Mark and his team have done a pretty good job.

As an employer, you can (we’re expanding at Voyager and I’ll be using it)

  1. Create a company profile, video’s/bio’s etc
  2. Create jobs
  3. Manage all the applications
  4. Schedule interviews

As a candidate, you can 

  1. Set up job alerts
  2. Search for jobs in your location
  3. Filter jobs by industry and job type
  4. Text search if you have something more specific

They even nicked the ‘apply now’ button that you may have noticed on other platforms...

Facebook state local businesses create 60% of new jobs, and who doesn’t want to work locally?

I see this being a great way to find local and passive talent.

Is there a new start-up just around the corner that’s looking for someone with your skills?

Maybe you’re looking for a part-time role, a few shifts to tie you over or even a voluntary position that would reward you emotionally if not financially?

Facebook plans to dominate this space and what with the ‘professional and personal’ lines being increasingly blurred on LinkedIn, I see them being a real force in the market, and one for LinkedIn to watch out for!

If Facebook Jobs gets your attention, Google Jobs is just around the corner!


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