'Google it' - is the answer to pretty much everything right?

You can't doubt it's good, or that it's pretty clever, but I was fascinated to see what Google had stored on me over the years, if not a little scared!

I bet you’ll be amazed too..

OK, so let’s cover the basics of what Google knows about you:

Your voice is recorded,…'OK Google history'

Your search history – Obviously

Your location – Work, home, common routes etc

Your YouTube views and history - as such your hobbies, interests, political views, secret passions, desired areas of learning even?

You Apps – and what they access

Your devices – what device, when and where your logging on from..

In today's world, more than ever before, it's important to understand what data is out there, who's got it and whats being done with it. Even the ability to get a copy and delete yourself from their files.

If you're a recruiter then understanding the GDPR and what it means will be key - join the GDPR HUB.

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