I recently asked a few friendly recruiter chums how long they spent traveling to and from the office. The answer wasn’t a shock – it averaged 75 minutes a day.

But 75 minutes is a pretty decent chunk of your family or business time, and I’m guessing not everyone was: 

‘Exec Ubering with a latte in hand and Classic FM on the radio’, 

as per one of the replies, and for the record, I believe him.

This got me thinking - isn’t recruitment the ultimate free-range profession?

Do you share my vision of a recruiting future where recruiters are working outside, in the sunshine, surrounded by fresh air and inspiration?

If you’re still working towards that, let’s chat again. If you’ve already achieved that, I’d love a picture of your free-range recruiter office!

Here's ours for today :-) Sustaining mental and spiritual health by improving our working environment can be much easier than you may think.

#Sunshine #IceCream #ThisIsWork #Voyager 

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